Is Everyone a Data Scientist? Democratizing Data in the 21st Century

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In the age of big data, the democratization of data has become increasingly important. With the rise of citizen data scientists, companies can empower employees at all levels to make data-driven decisions. At Data Science Connect, we explore the growing trend of data democratization and the importance of data literacy.

Discover the skills and tools needed to become a citizen data scientist, including data visualization and analysis tools. Learn about best practices for data literacy and how to develop a culture of data-driven decision making. Explore the benefits of data democratization for organizations of all sizes and industries, and see how it can drive better business outcomes.


  • Christopher Peter Makris | Data Science Manager @Dataiku
  • Sarah Nooravi | Data Scientist @OfficialSnapchat
  • Taj Pirzada | Director – Head of AI, North America @nike
  • Shashank Goswami | Data Scientist @CVShealth
  • Ian Murray | Analytics & Data Science Lead, Trust & Safety @Google
  • Anu Addanki | Director, Data Science and Engineering @Netflix
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