Case Studies

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DSC Drives Hyper-Targeted ICPs to Series C Startup Conference

DSC orchestrated a bespoke conference tailored to the specific requirements of Satori Cyber , a Series C data startup. With a hyper-focused Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) encompassing data engineering practitioners and executives from fintech and healthcare startups within the 200 to 500 employee size range, we curated a highly targeted audience exceeding 1,200 attendees, representing over 200 niche target companies.

DSC Builds a Niche Expert Community for Series B Startup

A Series B tech startup, Mobilewalla approached us with a challenge: They had an innovative feature engineering platform but lacked a dedicated community around it. Recognizing the potential, DSC took on the task of building a niche feature engineering community from the ground up. The results? In less than six months, we established a thriving community spread across seven cities with over 1,000 active members. But we didn’t stop there. We harnessed this community’s energy to host in-person meetup events in diverse locations like Atlanta, Georgia, Singapore, and Bangalore, India in 2022. Each event was a roaring success, maxing out capacity at every venue.

Fortune 30 Company Overhauls Data Strategy with Expert Roundtable

DSC played a pivotal role in facilitating a comprehensive transformation of the data management and edge computing product marketing strategy for a Fortune 30 tech company, Dell.
This involved meticulously orchestrating and curating exclusive roundtable discussions, bringing together approximately 50 esteemed data executives from a select group of 125 existing client companies.
The roundtable sessions were structured to include an introductory message from the company, followed by breakout groups of 15 participants each, fostering invaluable market intelligence that significantly contributed to the company’s strategic enhancements and product development.


A leading Series D semantic layer startup, AtScale, had engaged multiple marketing channels, including marketing agencies and numerous data communities, to capture quality leads. The company found DSC's email campaigns unparalleled in attracting attention and action, evidenced by top tier open rates and click-throughs. This success wasn't just numerical; it translated into a significant influx of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), marking DSC as the standout among their strategies. The results ignited the company's decision to deepen their collaboration with DSC, initiating further campaigns. This move reinforced their sales pipeline, affirming DSC's role as a pivotal player in their ongoing market ascension.

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