The Economics of Data

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Bill Schmarzo

Customer Advocate, Data Management Incubation | Dell

Data is widely considered the most valuable asset in the world; that data is no longer just the exhaust of the business, but more and more is becoming the main focus of business. If data is the new oil in driving the economic growth of the 21st century, then how effective is your organization at leveraging data and analytics to derive and drive new sources of business and operational value?

And given that data and analytics are unique economic assets – assets not only never wear out, but can actually appreciate, not depreciate, in value the more valuable they are used – how can you drive your organization, as a whole, to embrace a systematic approach to build out your data and analytic economic assets.

The presentation will cover the following:

  • What does “Data is the New Oil” mean to your organization
  • Value Engineering Framework: From Data-driven to Value-driven
  • Exploiting the Economics of Data and Analytics
  • Why Data Management is the most important business discipline
  • Why “Economies of Learning” more powerful than “Economies of Scale”
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