Is automated machine learning a myth or a miracle? | Prital Ullal

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Learn the benefits and shortcomings of automated machine learning, along with use cases where it works well (and doesn’t work so well) in “Auto ML: Myth or Miracle,” presented by Prital Ullal , the Director of Enterprise Data at NCR.


Prital Ullal is Director, Enterprise Big Data and Analytics for NCR ITS organization. In this leadership role, Prital’s team is responsible for data integration, advanced analytics and data visualization utilizing data warehouse and big data technologies for operational and management reporting. This includes technology and strategy expertise and thought leadership in the areas of business intelligence and Enterprise Data Management.

She leads her teams to drive usage of data and analytics to support business critical decisions and enhance NCR’s data-driven culture. Prital holds a BS degree in Management Information Systems from University of Connecticut, an Executive Leadership Certificate from Cornell University, PMP Project Management Certification and CSM Certified Scrum Master certification. Prior to joining NCR in 2011, Prital worked at IHG, Oracle and Accenture in leadership roles.

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