How Supply Chain and Manufacturing Are Leveraging Data Science

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Supply chains are known for generating massive amounts of data — and recent advancements in AI and technology are enabling supply chains and manufacturing processes to uncover patterns and trends like never before.

We have recently witnessed the stress of COVID-19 on supply chain methods across the world, watching leaders in the logistics industry perform model overhauls to meet the incredibly different needs brought on by the virus — calling for advanced practices and data science now more than ever.

Join us for a conversation with some of the world’s best known supply chain leaders as we discuss the impact of data science and advanced analytics on the supply chain sector and the manufacturing industry.


  • Ahmad Haider, PhD | Director, Head of Data and Advanced Analytics, Honeywell
  • Frances Boykin, PhD | Principal Advanced Analytics Manager, AT&T
  • Stephen Welch | VP Data Science, Mariner
  • Alex Niemeyer, PhD | Former Sr Partner and Leader Global Supply Chain Practice, McKinsey & Company, Inc. and Professor, Miami Business School
  • Richard Schrade | Co-Founder, Automation Intelligence
  • David Leblang, PhD | Professor, University of Virginia
  • Óscar D. Lara Yejas, PhD | Senior Data Scientist, Machine Learning Hub, IBM
  • Sailashri Parthasarathy | Director, Data Science for Supply Chain, Dell.
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