How local journalism is leveraging cloud analytics | Leigha Hubbard and Will Hauck

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Learn how consumer data and cloud analytics are supporting journalism’s transition to cloud during a changing media landscape with “Supporting Local Journalism with Cloud Analytics” by Leigha Hubbard and Will Hauck of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A Cox Enterprises Company.


Will Hauck is Sr. Director of Consumer Revenue at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, where he leads the Consumer Revenue team which includes subscriber acquisition and retention, consumer analytics, revenue planning, and consumer operations. He began his career at AJC/Cox in 2005 after graduating from the University of Tennessee with a BS in statistics. The entirety of his professional career has been spent at Cox working in a variety of roles focusing on data science, analytics, and operations.

Leigha is Senior Manager, Consumer Data & Analytics at the Atlanta Journal Constitution where she leads the Consumer Data and Analytics team for the AJC. She holds two business degrees one with a focus in Accounting and Information Management as well as Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management. Leigha has worked with the AJC for the past 4 years spending much of her time building up the data and analytics practice.

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