How Data Science is Driving the Sharing Economy

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The era of “collaborative consumption” is here and not showing any signs of slowing down. Thanks to recent technological advancements, we are now able to share just about anything, with anyone, from anywhere in the world.

However, the vision behind Sharing Economy giants who have redefined grocery shopping, transportation and hospitality, could never be realized and supported without data-centric approaches.

These companies use data to determine everything from what to develop and who to target, to the daily operations and systems that are run entirely off of data and analytics.

Join us as we learn how leaders in the Sharing Economy are leveraging data science and advanced data practices to stay at the forefront of their industries — while challenging and reimagining the traditional ways we live our lives.


  • Sachin Bhandarkar | Machine Learning Engineer; Customer Data Science, eBay
  • Carolyn (Yanwen) Chen 陈燕雯 | Data Science & Analytics Team Lead, Bird
  • Thanh Tran, PhD | Head of Data Science & Infrastructure and Search Engineering, Upwork
  • Aman Mathur | Data Science & Analytics, Poshmark
  • Greyson Daugherty, PhD | Data Scientist, Roadie
  • CB Bohn | Principal Data Engineer, MicroFocus
  • Dawn Lu | Data Scientist, Doordash.
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