Data Consumption Governance for Cloud Data Platforms

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Pete Martin

Founder of Product Marketing, ALTR

Cloud data platforms have dramatically improved the speed, efficiency, and flexibility of collecting and analyzing data to power the modern data-driven enterprise. But ease of use and greater access to collected data has presented new challenges in terms of managing data consumption.

Data consumption governance is the ability to observe and control how much data is consumed within an organization. Easy to install and maintain, ALTR protects your enterprise data while keeping it accessible for the business.

Join this live demonstration to see ALTR’s cloud-native platform observe and analyze all access to data and record each request to a highly tamper-resistant log. From there you will discover how ALTR detects abnormal consumption and responds in real-time with dynamic masking and quicksanding.

With ALTR, your security team not only has a way to view data consumption patterns across the enterprise, they also finally have a critical tool in their arsenal: the ability to set limits on how much data is allowed to be consumed. These limits can be set irrespective of identity and associated access permissions, extending Zero Trust to the SQL layer.

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