Chief Data Officer AND Chief Diversity Officer: What Is the Implication of Data on DEI

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As companies strive to build more diverse and inclusive workforces, the roles of Chief Data Officer and Chief Diversity Officer are becoming increasingly important. These executives are responsible for defining company-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives and using data to measure their effectiveness. At Data Science Connect, we explore the implications of data on DEI initiatives and the evolving roles of these officers.

Discover how data-driven decision making can help improve diversity and inclusion outcomes. See how Chief Data and Diversity Officers are collaborating to leverage data to measure and drive DEI initiatives. Learn about the latest trends in diversity and inclusion, including the use of people analytics and machine learning.

Join the conversation on the intersection of data and DEI, and learn from top experts in the field at Data Science Connect.

Vida Williams

Chief Diversity Officer/Head of Data Analytics SingleStone

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