K-12 DATA & AI

The world's first and only data science conference for K-12 students, educators, and parents

July 25, 2024 | Virtual Conference

want a headstart on the highest-paying job out of college?

Data scientist is now the highest-paying job for students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the United States and is projected to grow from a $133.7 billion market in 2024 to a $276.18 billion market by 2029. However, experiences with data are rare in today’s K-12 classrooms and curriculum.

This conference will introduce K-12 students, educators, and parents to foundational data science concepts and examples of data science careers across industries with a combination of workshops and presentations, divided into three levels for age-appropriate content.

K-12 Data Science Conference » Data Science Connect

Sessions for Every Age

Grades K-4

Foundational Concepts: Establish intuition and core ways of thinking about and visualizing data

Grades 5-8

Tools & Techniques: Focus on platforms and tools that support data analysis and bring insight

Grades 9-12

Becoming a Data Scientist: Learn what it takes to be a data scientist -- including skills, training and education

K-12 Educators

Who, What, When, Where, & Why: We'll incorporate presentations, panels, and other hands-on sessions that are specific to K-12 educators

meet our 2023 speakers

2024 Speakers Coming Soon!

At DSC, we pride ourselves on hosting speakers who are real-world changemakers: the senior data leaders from Fortune 500 companies who are at the forefront of innovation.


Gain practical insights from real-world changemakers at the forefront of data innovation

JULY 25, 2024
10:00 amOpening Remarks
10:10 amKeynote
10:35 amBreakout Sessions
12:00 pmPanel Discussion
1:00 pmBreakout Sessions
3:00 pmClosing Remarks
K-12 Data Science Conference » Data Science Connect

our 2024 EVENTS theme

fast forward

“Fast Forward” encapsulates the dual imperative in data science and AI: to accelerate innovation and adapt quickly to emerging technologies while ensuring responsible, sustainable progress.

In this era of rapid transformation, we are at a crossroads, where the pace of change is exhilarating yet demands a thoughtful approach to integration and implementation.

As we venture into this accelerated journey, we face the challenge of aligning rapid technological advances with organizational objectives, ethical considerations, and robust infrastructure. 

This theme is a call to action for pioneers and leaders to harmonize speed with caution, ensuring that each leap forward is both groundbreaking and grounded.

Join us as we explore the narratives of trailblazers who are setting the tempo for this dynamic evolution, navigating the fast lane of innovation with the wisdom to steer technology towards a future that benefits all. 

“Fast Forward” is not just about keeping pace with change but about setting the pace for the responsible, transformative future of data science and AI.