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Data Science Innovators Conference | April 12-13, 2023

Join 5K+ data scientists, data engineers, and data executives from 3K+ companies in 80+ countries, and be part of the leading edge of data science.

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Data Innovators Conference
Learn from leading data innovators, network with peers, and discover new ways to harness the power of data to drive innovation and progress across industries.
DSCConf 2023
DSC’s signature annual conference is back in 2023 and better than ever. Learn from a lineup of data science thought leaders you won’t find anywhere else.
DSC Europe 2023
With a focus on the European data science community, this conference is a unique opportunity to connect with professionals from across the continent and learn from the best in the field.
K-12 Data Science Conference
The Third Annual K-12 Data Science Conference will introduce K-12 students, educators, and parents to foundational data science concepts and examples of data science careers across industries.
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We collaborate with a wide range of partner organizations to bring you conferences, webinars, and other programming featuring leading experts in data science.

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