And we believe that this connectedness empowers us to use data science for a higher purpose that reaches beyond traditional networking.

By joining forces and connecting Atlanta's diverse and progressive collection of

  • corporations
  • people
  • universities
  • civic initiatives
  • disciplines + resources

We are more equipped to use data science to tackle the greater challenges, drive breakthrough results and realize a higher potential across our lives, work and society.


Atlanta is a hotbed for innovation and is nationally recognized as a mecca in the tech industry. In 2017, Forbes named us the #3 city poised to become tomorrow's tech mecca citing that tech jobs have grown by 46.7 percent since 2010 — nearly 20% above the national average! We partner with the tech leaders at the forefront of this growth and development.


Data Science ATL is a rapidly growing community made up of over 3,700 data science practitioners throughout the metro-Atlanta area. Our diverse members represent a broad range of domains and disciplines, but they are connected by their shared passion for lifelong learning and data science.


Longstanding relationships with top universities and tech industry professional development programs enable connection to cutting edge content, research and resources.


Supporting non-profits and local initiatives related to education, health, energy, public safety, transportation, economic development, international development and more.


Making data science accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise, with a comprehensive library of thought leader speaker sessions and recorded dinner parties directed at the non-technical audience.


Data Science Connect (DSC) is a professional organization committed to making data science accessible to everyone through education, civic enterprises, strategic connections, and quality programming that is innovative, festive, and nontraditional. Founded in 2018, DSC seeks to build a robust community of thought leaders through the philosophy that group creation is essential for change and innovation. DSC serves as the parent organization for Data Science Atlanta (DSATL), the largest data science organization in the southeastern United States.

Founded in 2012, Data Science Atlanta (DSATL) is the largest data science organization in the southeastern United States and one of the most attended in the world. DSATL is nationally known for its best-in-class data science programming and content, connecting practitioners and industry leaders who recognize the disruptive impact that data science is having on their businesses and lives. DSATL is committed to examining data science by pushing the boundaries of traditional professional programming through a variety of topics and formats.

Amelia Martin is the Founder and Executive Director of Data Science Connect. With a background in predictive analytics, business and community, she has held an extensive range of data and product-oriented roles at organizations spanning from small tech startups to healthcare systems and large corporations. Amelia earned her B.S. from the Georgia Institute of Technology and M.S. in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. In the community, Martin is a frequent speaker and presenter. She is also the Organizer of Data Science ATL, the largest data science group in the Southeast.