COLLIDE Data Conference 2023

High-Level Agenda

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 3

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 4


Generative AI has shown remarkable potential to transform industries and change the nature of work, but how can businesses seize these opportunities while also accounting for inaccuracies and data privacy and cybersecurity risks? Hear from our expert panel to find out how leading companies are tackling these challenges.

Join the Chief Analytics Officer at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management to learn how AI is revolutionizing the client and advisor experience.

Dive into how search ranking works at Slack, where native AI experiences fit into search, and how Slack is leveraging LLMs to achieve these outcomes while prioritizing users’ right to privacy.

Learn how the data science team at Carter’s is working to empower business stakeholders by democratizing data and analytics and fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout the organization. In this talk, we’ll explore the technological advancements, organizational frameworks, and best practices that enable individuals at all levels to become data literate and leverage insights effectively.

Discover how Walgreens Boots Alliance tackles retail customer engagement challenges using machine learning and optimization solutions. Explore a data-driven framework that transforms the customer journey into a value journey.

Unlock the secrets of data’s many characters and harness their power to supercharge your team’s performance. Join us for an enlightening session on leadership and data skills.

Unleash the potential of Natural Language Processing in managing human capital in this engaging talk with ADP’s Lead Data Scientist.

Emerging technologies such as generative AI and LLMs, vector databases, and graph are reshaping the skills needed to succeed in data science. Listen as our expert panel predicts which job responsibilities, skillsets, and applications will be most important in the data-driven industries of tomorrow.

Is data science developing faster than the data roles that enable it? In this session, we’ll challenge traditional data roles and propose a people-centric approach to reshape the data science space.

Learn how Comcast leverages time series machine learning and distributed computing to solve real-world problems in the telecommunications industry.

Discover how UPS is revolutionizing the logistics industry with Computer Vision and AI, creating a NextGen Digital-Twin Network.

Learn how data science is revolutionizing drug discovery in the life sciences industry, with insights into AI, ML, MLOps, and data engineering. Explore the power of data platforms and cloud technologies like AWS in unlocking the future of healthcare and biotech.

Join us for a captivating session as we explore the lessons learned from a 25-year journey in data transformation. Discover the pitfalls of fitting diverse data into a relational structure and gain insights into the future of data science.

Discover how Lowe’s leverages data science to revolutionize retail forecasting, and learn practical takeaways you can apply in any industry.

Is coding dead? Hear from our expert panel to find out how generative AI, AutoML, and data democratization are changing the way we think about being a data scientist and what skills you should learn today to stay ahead of the curve.

What is a semantic layer, and how are organizations leveraging it to enable data innovation and drive intelligent decisions? Check out this keynote from Stardog and find out.

Discover how task automation, data analysis, and data-driven customer service improvement revolutionizing telecom.

Today’s rapidly changing digital landscape requires agility like never before. In this talk, the Chief Business Officer at Redis explains how your organization can accelerate digital innovation and ensure digital perseverance.

Despite its growing popularity, the Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) role often faces challenges and has a shorter average tenure compared to other executive-level positions. Unlock the promises and perils of the CDAO role in this talk from a leading healthcare data executive.

The ability to communicate complex information in a clear and compelling manner is a crucial skill for professionals in various fields. In this talk, learn how data scientists can “win the room” and deliver effective data-driven presentations to non-technical audiences.

Whether your goal is to lead a small team of data scientists or to become the CDO of a Fortune 500 company, the path to leadership looks different for every individual at every organization. Hear from our expert panel of data leadership as they share their personal journeys and provide insights into the skills, experiences, and strategies that have propelled their success.

Join us as we delve into the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology in data science. This session will explore how blockchain can enhance data security, immutability, and transparency, paving the way for innovative data-driven applications across industries.

With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, data scientists play a crucial role in safeguarding valuable data assets. Join us to learn about advanced techniques and best practices for integrating cybersecurity into the data science workflow, ensuring data privacy and protecting against malicious attacks.

Data observability enables proactive monitoring and debugging of data pipelines, ensuring the quality and reliability of data-driven systems. This session will discuss strategies and tools for achieving data observability, improving data reliability, and enabling efficient troubleshooting.

Feature engineering is a critical step in the data science pipeline, influencing the performance and accuracy of machine learning models. Join us as we explore advanced feature engineering techniques, including feature selection, extraction, and creation, to maximize the predictive power of your models.

Geospatial data provides valuable insights for a wide range of industries, from urban planning to environmental monitoring. Join us to discover the applications, challenges, and cutting-edge techniques in geospatial data analysis, enabling data practitioners to make informed decisions with location-based insights.

Edge computing brings data processing and analysis closer to the source, enabling real-time insights and reduced latency. Join us as we explore the intersection of edge computing and data science, discussing applications, challenges, and best practices for edge-based analytics and AI.

Successfully leveraging data within organizations requires buy-in from key decision-makers, not just data professionals. In this groundbreaking panel, we ask stakeholders how data science outputs shape their organizational decision-making and strategy–or don’t! This panel offers a unique opportunity to understand how these stakeholders interpret and apply data science insights, providing a valuable perspective on the real-world impact of data science work and the challenges of getting buy-in at all levels of an organization.

More sessions to be announced soon!